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 Who am I?

Hello, I’m Cellia 😊

Those who know me would tell you that I’m a language freak. You know, that person who’s always looking at websites or apps to learn more about a language. Recently it was portuguese, but who knows I may switch to another language soon.

Languages have been my thing since forever. As far as I can remember, I’ve been immersed in other cultures. First, I was born in Benin, so that was my first encounter with a foreign language. Then, all throughout my life, I’ve been on the move following my parents. From Africa, to France with a few years in Spain, I can say that traveling and learning are part of me.

Speaking was never my forte but writing is. 

So, I started writing for myself from an early age and when internet finally landed, it gave me an opportunity to keep writing but on a more public scale. I always loved blogs, and have owned a few of them over time. 

Apart from writing, I pursued a career in languages and communication because I *just love the idea of being able to understand and be understood by other people no matter the place you are.* I was definitely inspired by the infamous French sports journalist Nelson Monfort whom I’ve watched do commentary countless times on tv. It was fascinating to watch him interpret what the athletes were saying so we as spectators could understand too.

All that brought me to study translation which is the discipline from which interpretation is derived. So, I went and did a masters degree and had great opportunities to learn and work abroad. Which is key to be able to fully grasp the technicity of one language.

Learning is natural to me and I can literally absorb what I listen to or read and integrate it on the go. That’s for example how I managed to learned Catalan in a few months only by listening to the people around me. 

When it comes to Play on Words, I created it after coming back to my home country France. I had previously worked in companies but was at a time where I wasn’t finding my place in a traditional job anymore. Because deep down, I’ve always been someone who is very independent and I like to do things for and by myself. So becoming a freelancer sounded like the most plausible option. I wanted to combine the things I love most with my abilities and my experience. 

So back in November, Play on Words was born to help foreign brands and businesses to expand on the French speaking territory by providing translation and proofreading services. My focus is mainly on companies that cater to women of color needs, be it in the hair, beauty or cosmetics industries.

This encompasses my abilities and favorite things with my will to help others.

So, now you know more about me, I hope you will appreciate working with me and don’t hesitate to visit my Fb page or check my LinkedIn if ever you need to know more on my background.

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