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Are you looking to expand your business abroad? If so, you’re in the right place. 

Cmonwords is the asset you’ve been looking for.

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We all speak at least one language, the one we were brought up with. Sure, but, when it comes to business and expansion, one language isn’t enough. Especially in this era where the world is everyday more global.

So, when owning a business or as an individual, what do you do when you need to get through to people who don’t speak your language?

If you think for a second, I’m sure you said translate!


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"Translation implies the rendering from one language into another of something written or spoken" - Collins dictionary


"The act of reading a piece of work to detect and mark errors to be corrected." - Collins dictionary

Our aim

Our passion and identity revolves around the black community, and we aim to provide black owned businesses and people a way to reach their goals with power. We work mainly for natural hair and beauty brands.

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About the creator

Photo owner

I’ve created cmonwords in the hope to help non English speakers to understand the websites they come across everyday and help black owned businesses and people hit a niche market in French speaking countries. I’m  linking both passion and purpose in my business. And I look forward to empowering your business.

Cellia, creator of cmonwords.

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